Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sonic Son [SUN] of SIN & SEX

♀ as I Invoke My Mama’s Washitaw Witchcraft Mathema’atics [Sonic Black Studies = Telepathic Ancestral Knowledge of Esoteric Nubians ~ TAKEN™ from fallen America’s Latent Sexual Energies… I Stay SINsually High on Inner Earth’s Uranium Sciences [U.S.] of Our Multi EThnic Hereditary [METH] Black Alkhemical Drug [BAD] Physics… that be Sonically Stimulatin’ My Hedonistic [MH] Meta~physical Pineal [Mental Phallic] Gland to Eve’s Erotically Arousing…  Pornographically Explicit… Pussy Lust Energies… as I be SONically SINsually & SEXually [SUN of SIN & SEX] Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis = Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

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