Friday, September 18, 2015

Sonic Black Hurricane Genetics = Predynastic Black Ancestral Hurrians = Biblical Hittites = Meta~physical Harrells

♀ as I Invoke My Double Black Asiatic Mental [BAM = Moab] Monarchies of Moor Hateful [MH] Hurr~icane Witchcraft Physics... I Telepathically Summon [Psychically Command] My Mentally Violent Hurr~ian Ancestors of Many Moor Hereditary [MH] Double Black ETheric EThnic Energies from Predynastic Black America… to Atmospherically Biogenetically & Celestially [ABC] Exchange Moor Top Secret Black Alkhemical Mental [BAM = Moab] Energies of Unstoppable Sorcery [U.S.] Sciences from Lost Atlantis… 4 I be tha’ Sonic Black Violence in Her Ancestral Hurrian Hurricanes… I was that Monster Moor Twister [GODzilla]… Unleashing My Predynastic Black Chaotic Maritime Mental of Atmospheric Akashic Tornado [MA’AT] Energies… Upon Moor Oklahoma ♀

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