Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reincarnated Black Masonic Voodoo Christ Child

♀ My Mystical Masonic Voodoo Black Christ Child Genetics… come from My Reincarnate Animated Uranian Sonic [U.S.] Soul of Astrologically Black Photon Belt Bloodlines… as I be Mentally Spinin’ Moor Ancestral [MA]~sonic Black Akashic Records [BARs] on a Much Moor Higher [MH] Auditory Scale of Sonic Tonal Learnin’… to Secretly Invoke My Predynastic Spiritually Black Memory Physics that be Psychoanalyzing fallen America’s propaganda systems of circumcised psychomental disorders of Mainstream Mental Stagnation [Religious Retardation]... from Illusionary Fear ♀

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