Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Black Universal Sovereign [U.S.] National Government of New Atlantis™

♀ as I Exalt My Highly Developed Multi Black Ethnological [BET] Mental Genetics… far away from Fallen America’s inferior clone species of artificial [religious] white lies [non cosmic truths]… I Universally Sovereignly & Aristocratically [U.S.A.] Create My Own Universal Sovereign [U.S.] National Government of Highly Developed Multi Black Cosmic Equilibriums from Inner Earth’s [Washitaw’s] Aboriginal Black Gnostic Greek Pantheon of Predynastic Blackfoot [Blackstar = Blackamoor] Algonquian Indians [Black American Moors = BAM = Blackfoot Asiatic Monarchs = BlacKnights Templar = Blackamoors]… from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Black Occult America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

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