Friday, September 25, 2015

My Heavy [MH] Hadron Collider Mental

♀ I be Supremely Invokin’ My Heavy [MH] Hadron Collider Mental… of Undetectable Subatomic [U.S.] God Intelligence Genetics I got from My Mama’s Ancient Masonic Hittite [MH] Clans of Her Predynastic Black Photon Belt MELanin… that Immaculately Created Us Sirius [U.S.] Quantum Black MELanin Scientists of Full Mental Moon Memories to Our Masonic Black Roman Monarchies of Ancestral Nuclear [MAN] Physics… Imperially Governed by Her Pre~physical Astrological Nubian [PAN] Greek Races [Celestial Black Comets] from Archangel Michael Harrell’s Extra Top [E.T.] Secret Unitized Sciences [U.S.] of Moor Sonic BlacKEMETHNICosmologies [Hidden Telepathic Mythologies] to Inner Earth’s Secret Golden Black EThnic ETheric Treasure Islands… of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

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