Saturday, September 5, 2015

MAtriarchal MAnsa Musa Governments of New Washitaw Atlantis™

♀ Let Me Informally Introduce U to My Mama’s Astronomical Neurons of Steele Alkyne [MANSA] Hydrocarbons & Her New Matriarchal Universal Sovereign Aristocratic [MUSA] Multi Black EThnic [BET] Tantric Parliaments of Sonic Ancestral Regeneration Sciences™ [SARS] from New Washitaw Atlantis… 4 My Predynastic Empyreal Genetic Gnostic Mental of Our Infinite Hellenistic Black ETherian [BET] Subconsciousness Cultures be Sonically Bridging tha’ Sonic Communication Gap between Our Highly Developed Sexually Explicit Underworlds of High Equilibrium Society Physics & Over Indulgent Tantric Lust Energies… We 9th Dimensional Black ETherians [Meta~physical Blackamoors] Mentally Exist on Much Higher Planetary Planes of Telepathic Atmospheric Hedonistic [PTAH] Worlds… Masterfully… Astrologically… Resonantly… Sovereignly [MARS] Positioned above New Washitaw Atlantis ♀

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