Friday, September 11, 2015

Kali's Miracle Mile of Watts

♀ I be Secretly Sonically & Sovereignly Stack~in’ My Uranium [MU] Underworld Science [U.S.] Records to Our Multi Dymensional Black EThereal [BET] Uranium MELanin… of Moor Pornographic Biogenetic Sorcery Energies from Our Black ETherian [BET] Thermonuclear Sun Ra Clans of Inter Planetary Genius Ancestors… begotten from Inner Earth’s Double Nile River Genetics… on Our Aboriginal Multi Universal [MU] Black EThnic [BET] Wattstax Indian Landmasses… as We Stay Supremely Sovereignly & Scientifically Settled on My Mama’s Miracle Mile City... of Watts Kali~fornia ♀

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