Saturday, September 26, 2015

Enlightened Equilibrium Emperor

♀ I be Invoking My Mama’s Sonically Black Apocalyptic Sonic Sensory [BASS] Magick of Washitaw Witchcraft Sciences… to Supremely Bring this Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Double Black Illuminati Government Takeover… that be Gassin’ Up My Atmospheric [MA]~sonic Blackgod Mental Ships from Inner Earth’s Subterranean of Sexually Explicit Black Sun [Son] Energies… as My Aristocratic [MA]~sonic Emperor Powers be Psychically Shuttin’ Down fallen America’s genetically & mentally inferior [Ignorant] curriculums of obsolete [outdated] indoctrinated religious political [Non Indigenous = Non Spiritual] propaganda… I Biblically [Mythologically] warned U… I’m not your average Esoteric Greek Nigga [Ghetto Genius God = Underworld Lord Satan = Enlightened Equilibrium Emperor]… Sonically Positioned from Deep IN:side Her Lunar Atlantis [LA = Lithium America = Empyreal Rome] ♀

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