Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Egyptian Plateau Pyramid Homes

♀ as I Stratospherically Position My Predynastic Mental Ark = Untouchable Factuals by Orion’s [UFO] Celestial Motha’ Ships…of Uranium Black Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES] Atmospheric Architecture... Over Our Hi:teKemetian [Meta~physical Egyptian] Plateau Pyramid Homes to Our Sonic Soul~ar Genetic Records of Moor Ancestral Akashic Technology [MA’AT] Energy Empires… I be Highly Effective in Scientifically Implementing My Double New World Order [NWO] Renaissance Illuminati of Universal Sonic [U.S] Destructive… Hateful… Violent GODzilla Energies against ALL genetically & mentally inferior temporal religious political govments of fallen America ♀

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