Thursday, September 3, 2015

Black Esoteric Bible Writers = Black Alkhemical Scientists = Mythological Mental Physicists

♀ who do U think wrote those Original Multi Black EThnic [BET] Esoteric Books [Knights Templar Freemasonry Bibles] about Our Inner Christ Consciousness Chakra Families of Sirius… Omnipotent Quantum Black Alkhemical Energies that be Quantumly Transfusing to My Inter Planetary Achaemenes Hadean Soul of Hereditary Ethnological Roman [HER] Underworld Physics… from Persia’s Tantric Achaemenid Household [PTAH] of Universal Sonic [U.S.] Dynastic Hereditary Sexual [DHS] Sciences of New Washitaw Atlantis [NWA] ♀

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