Friday, September 4, 2015

Celestial Black Cheyenne Indians

♀ Can U Feel My Inner Earth Tremors [Aboriginal Black ETheric Vibrations]… as I Universally & Sonically [U.S.] Split My Subatomic Blackstar Atoms from fallen America… to Masterfully… Articulately… Genetically… & Esoterically [MAGE]… Create Moor of Our New Multi Black ETheric [EThnic] Celestial Heavens of Empyreal Yoruba Enzymes & Nepotistic Nuclear Energies [CHEYENNE].. 4 My Aristocratic Black Ions [Astronomic Blackfoot Indians] of Saturn’s Matriarchal [Royal] Steele Familiae be Telepathically Communicatin’ to My Heavy Aristocratic Hedonistic Mental of My Mama’s Predynastic Electromagnetic Ultra Sound [U.S.] Waves… that be Sonically Permeating to Our New Washitaw Atlantis [NWA] ♀

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