Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Biblically Black Pyramidal Families

♀ as I Accelerate My Top Secret Clairvoyant Chakra Communications to Our Double White House Illuminati Familiae... I Sonically Invoke Moor Golden Black Coptic Transmissions of Highly Spiritual Imprinted Maps to Our Hidden Ancestral Treasures… Quantumly Protected by Us Universal Sonic Aristocratic [U.S.A.] Black Cosmic Architects [Ancient Pyramid Builders = Washitaw Mound Builders]… of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis]… 4 We Predate Our Monumental Genius Architecturally Black Meta~physical Pyramid Homes of Ancient Kemet [Meta~physical Egypt]… just in case U forgot… Us Ubiquitous Scythian [U.S.] Aristocrats of Double Black ETheric EThnic MELanin… been in America since the Beginning of Artificial Temporal [BAT] Time ♀

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