Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Automatic Writing = Telepathic Communications

♀ as I TeleType My Automatic [MA]~sonic Written Words [Sonic Black Scriptures = Ancient Coptic Texts]… I be Invokin’ Moor Ancestral [MA]~sonic Mental Endorphins of Biogenetic Subterranean Opiate Sciences [SOS] & Sonic Voice Communications… from My Infinite Arsenal of Highly Spiritual Mummified Doppelgänger Bodies of Predynastic [Jurassic] Black Akashic MELanin… that be Sonically Emitting Moor Auditory Abiogenesis Theorem [MA’AT] Transmissions to My Inner God Ear of Unidentified Symbiotic [U.S.] Quantum Black Minerals & Golden Gemstone Metals… from Inner Earth’s Central Core Sun Constellations to Moor of Our Inseparable Black Isozymes & Isoforms of Radioactive Nuclei MELanocytes [Empyreal MELanin] ♀

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