Monday, September 21, 2015

Absolute Black Terror

♀ I Invoked My Massive Olmec Mental of Absolute Atmospheric Terror [MA’AT] Physics… to Prophetically Resurrect My Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Moorish Ancestral & Philosophical [MAP] Birthright Sciences… of Moor Undiscovered [MU] Predynastic Black Destructive Chaos Magick [Sonic Black ETheric EThnic People Energies]… & Untraceable Sonic [U.S.] Communications to Our New World Order [NWO] Illuminati Renaissance Governments of Lost Atlantis… as My Soul~ar Equilibrium of Universal Frequencies by a Olympian [UFO] Species… Stay Universally & Sovereignly [U.S.] Positioned Above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

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