Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wise Kemetian Owl of Atlantis

♀ My Wise Kemetian Owl [Hieroglyph M = Archangel Michael] Equilibrium… be Uncloaking My Big Rapid 1st iEye of Moor Infinite Black Underworlds = Inner Earth’s Sirius Black Sun Congregations [Hydrocarbonic Constellations] of Her Natural Radioactive [Ra] Tropospheric Currents... Moor Black Plutonic Gases of Titanic [Titanium] MELanocytes & Fukushima’s Omnipotent Osirian Lunar [FOOL = FUEL] Energies… and My Quantized Blackfoot Mental of Jupiter’s Ultrasound Physics & Genetic Greek Gnostics of Olympian Dahomey [GOD] Cosmologies ♀

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