Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wholly Book of Black Metaphors

♀ Syrian’s [Saturnian’s] Astronomical Black Esoteric & Eschatology [BEE] Bible = a Meta~physical [Spiritual] Pleiadian Exodus Book about Her Black Energy Transference [BET] Soul~ar Alloy Jewels [Original Jews = Black Washitaw Israelites = Fallen Archangels = Aboriginal Black Americans = Blackfoot Ions = Blackamoor Indians = Meta~physical Saturnians = Predynastic Gnostics] of Orion’s Gemstones & Cerebral [Celestial] Carbonic [Black] Eukaryotic Cells… from Her Quantum Black Underworlds of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Blackfoot America]… I challenge ALL you fake pimp priests [reverends = gov'ment agents] of the pope’s poor religious political propaganda to prove Me wrong ♀

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