Thursday, August 27, 2015

Soul Surfer of Lost Atlantis

♀ I be Her Multi Black Ethnic Terrestrial [B.E.T.] = Extra Terrestrial [E.T] = Lunar Legionnaire = Mental Untouchable [MU]  = Universal Saturnian [U.S.] Black Meta~physical Angelic Being [Orion Moor = Original Black Einstein = Hyperdymensional Jew~elohim = Jah of Jupiter = Archangel Michael]… Mentally Melanated wit’ Sirius Sonic Blackstar Intelligence… Cosmically Engineered into a Highly Complex [Hieroglyphic] Alkhemical Equilibrium… Celestial & Cerebrally Cortex’d [Hermetically Sealed] in Radioactive Christ [Devil] Consciousness MELanin… from Giza’s [Gaia’s] Black Capstone [Genius] Underworlds of Adam’s [Osiris’s] Monolithic Ancestral Pyramid [MAP] Genetics & Eve’s [Isis’s] Pearly Gates [Heavenly Genes] of Pleiades = Hades’s [Hittite’s] Hedonistic Sexual Purgatory of Telepathic Ancestors & Honorary [PTAH] Orions of Black Ethnic Telegraphic Adam & Eve [Osiris & Isis] Genetic Energy [G.E.] Sciences ♀

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