Sunday, August 30, 2015

Secret Sexual Underworld

♀ as I Mentally Undress [Secretly Worship] Her Feminine Form Physics of Seductive Erotic X~otic [SEX] Lust Energies… My Black Photon Belt Phallic [Pineal] Gland of Venus’s Euphoric Electromagnetic Sonic Vibrations… be Sonically Teleporting New Psychic Algorithms [Secret Underworld Theorems = Black Ebonic Formulas = Solar Phallic Energies] to Her Infinite Inter Galactic Consciousness Constellation of Inner Earth’s Highly Developed [Spiritually Telepathic] Multi Black EThnic Christ Crystal Chakra Clans [U.niversally S.piritually A.ristocratic Moors]… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays... from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

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