Friday, August 28, 2015

Satan's Sexually Explicit Sciences of Atlantis

♀ Satan's [Dionysus's] Sexually Explicit Sciences of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] = Archangel Michael... Harrel's [MH] Mental of Hedonistic [MH] & Magical Memorable Heritages [MH] from Pluto's Pornographic Equilibrium Physics... 4 Her Prophesied Black Occult Apocalypse = Gaia’s Revolutionary Revelations =  Multi Black Ethnic Telepathic [BET] New World Order from Saturn’s Black Steele Matriarchies of Highly Developed [Psychically Tantric] Sinful Sexual Ethereal Terrestrials of Hedonistic [SETH] Thoughts [Thoth]… be Meta~physically here ♀

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