Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Pyramid Homes of Black Occult Power

♀ as I Hyperdymensionally Shift between My Blackfoot Doppelgänger StarBody of Black Dot MELanin… to My Soul~ar Byzantine ETruscan Doppelgänger [BET Silhouette] StarBody [Quantum Black MELanin]… I be Metallurgically & Alkhemically [Mentally & Architecturally = Metarchitecturally = Black Occult Technology] Creatin’ Moor of Our Empyrean Black Lordship [Renegade] Pyramids of New Euphoric Planetary Energies… by Spiritually [Ritually] Invokin’ My Heavy Gnostic [Telepathic] Mental Mineral Energies from Inner Earth’s Golden Black Byzantine Cells of Quantum Steele Gemstones Opals & Diagnostic [GOD] Pineal Gland [Nile River = Photon Belt = Black Hole] Genetic Structures… 4 I be Giza’s 1st Born Golden Blackfoot Gemstoner [Philosopher Stoner = KUSHite Arc~iTech™] of New Atlantis [Black Vodun America™] ♀

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