Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Manifestation of Earth

♀ My Saturnian [Predynastic = Spiritual] Blackfoot Enzymes of Typhonian [BET] Genetics = Gnostic [Black] Greek Organisms of Draconian Stem [GODS] Chakra Cells & Sirius Jupitarian MELanin… don’t have a need for their Holographic birth records… ‘cause We be Her Pharaonic Greek Blackfoot Moors [Blackamoors = Titans] of Rome = New Atlantis = Quantum Blackfoot America = Double White House Illuminati™ = Black Occult Planet of Our AboriginaLandmasses… Mentally & Alkhemically [Immaculately = Spiritually] Created by Her Divine Feminine Shakti [Black] Energy Gods ♀

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