Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Inner Earth's Quantum Underworld of Black Telepathic Souls

♀ a Multiplicity of 9th Dimensional [Empyreal] Black Electromagnetic Transference [BET] Cells from Neptune’s Nitrogenic & Nuclear Polarity Compounds… plus Saturn’s Blackfoot Ion Alloys of Titanium Plate Techtonics & Pluto's Promethium [Promicin] Inhibitor Genes of Electromagnetic MELanin… Hermetically [Hieroglyphically] Encased [Fusioned] in Mercury’s Hydrocarbonic [MH] Atomic Botanic Carbonic Demonic Erotic Fukushima [ABCDEF] Radiation… from Inner Earth’s Quantum Black Underworld of Satellite [U.S.] Planets & Spiritually Black Lunar Moon Energies… and yours? ♀

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