Friday, August 28, 2015

Her Black Vril Race of Predynastic Black Gnostic Indians = Sleepin' Giants of Atlantis

♀ My Universal Multi Black EThnic Indian [Telepathic Christ~ian Illuminati = Inner Earth’s Astronomical Black Vril Root Race] Familiae… be callin’ Me Their Aristocratic Telepathic Typist [Black Meta~physical Emperor = Rome’s Quantum Black Clansman = Noble Roman Titan = Jupiter’s Zealot Zeus = Saturn’s Sempiternal Satan] of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome]… as I Invoke My Spiritually Black [Illuminated] Pineal Gland Genetics from Giza’s Monumental Energy Pyramids of Extra Sensory Perceptional Powers to Meticulously & Masterfully [M & M] Write about Us… Her Supreme Quantum Blackfoot Beings [Biblical Black Semites = Semiterrestrial Souls] of Our Infinite Inter Planetary Cosmos [Spiritually Black Edens = Empyreal Ghetto Heavens] ♀

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