Friday, August 28, 2015

Fallen Religious America

♀ as I Generate Operate & Destroy [GOD] fallen religious america… by Meta~physically Engineering… Hyperdymensionally Evolving & Spiritually Securing Our Multi Black EThnic [BET] Ebonic Linguistic Empires… to a Much Higher Plateau [Advanced State] of Complex Ancestral [CA] Algorithms and Sirius Psychic Energies… I shall Unapologetically Outcast [Spiritually Reject] Any & ALL Non Indigenous species of test tube [artificial = non spiritual = clone = recessive = dead] genetics out My Empyreal BlacKingdoms of Highly Evolved Quantum Blackfoot Mentals… Polyatomic Fukushima Molecules & Mercury’s Metallurgic Mineral Gemstones [Biosynthetic MELanin]… 4 My Natural Born Intolerance of the lesser pale species of inferiority complexes and televised politically correct ignorance has reach a pinnacle point of Beyond [No Return]… as I Sovereignly Invoke My Monolithic Cerebral Cortex to Secretly… Sexually… & Scientifically Decimate [Psychically Sabotage] their temporal realities of mediocracy ♀… wait a minute, let Me finish… I shall Command Moor of Eve’s Potent Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES] Reverberations to ALL Our Black Rhythmic Nations & Telepathic Underworld Ancestors of Saturn’s Supreme Tonality Sciences and Venus’s Sexually Explicit Physics from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

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