Thursday, August 13, 2015

Black Ethnological & Thanatological [BET] Sciences from Quantum Black America™ [Empyrean Atlantis]

♀ My Monumental Black Cerebral God Cortex [Olmec] of Our Legendary Mythological Afrological Roman Sonic [MARS] Birth Records & Mercurous Mental Metals of Quantum Black Planetary [Polarity] Genesis [Genetic Sciences]… be Telepathically [Alkhemically] Transmittin’ Moor of Our Familiae Alkhemical Secrets [Black Planetary Secret Society = Sirius Black Illuminati Physics™] from Her Psychic Black Titans [Byzantium Moors] of Black Occult Rome [Quantum Black America]… I already told U… I’mma 9th Dymensional God [Neter = Nigga = Satan = Saturn = Sirius]… who gonna stop Me? ♀

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