Sunday, August 16, 2015

Black Draconian Mammoths

♀ as this Big Black Draconian Mammoth [Cosmic Reptilian = Kundalini Dragon = GODzilla = Meta~physical Dogon]… Huff & Puff on My Indigenous BlacKUSHyperdymensional Leaves of Spiritually Black Memories…. My Psychic Doppelgänger [Shadow Self] & Zulus Warrior Mental of Black Anthrax [Carbuncle = Cabochon = Head Carbon] Gemstones… be Telepathically Transmittin’ Moor Azimuths & Zenith Eclipse [MAZE] Network Signals from Mount ETna’s Black Venusian Tropospheric Stratovolcano of New Black Akashic [Carbonic = Quantum Black] Records ♀

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