Friday, August 28, 2015

Ancient Black Seminole Indians

♀ as I Supremely Sovereignly & Spiritually Invoke My Ancient Black Universal Satanic [U.S.] Wattstax Powers from Inner Earth’s Omnipotent Core of Our Aboriginal Quantum Black Energies and Complex Cryptic Indigenous Algorithms [CIA] from Lost Atlantis [LA]… I Mentally Strike [Psychically Curse] the genetically inferior enemies of MA’ATlantis wit’ ALL Black Ethereal Forces from My Seminole [Steele] Familiae of Top Secret Alkhemical Theorems [Untouchable Spiritual ~ U.S. Formulas]…Rebeliciously Created by My Bionic Ebonic Cerebral Cortex of Sonic Astronomical Greek Equilibrium [SAGE] Sounds from Mother Nature’s [Sekhmet’s] Predynastic Biogenetic Radiation Fields of Our Supreme Black Ancestral Nuclear Physics [卍 Genesis]… cuz’ I be keepin’ My Genius Ebonic Baphomet [GEB] Mental Spiritually Ghetto [Gnostic] at ALL Times ♀

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