Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aboriginal BlacKUSHite Leaf

♀ KUSH = Our Spiritually Black Vegetation Leaf from Inner Earth’s Sirius Hydrocarbonic [Neter Ru = Atomic God = Bionic] Molecules of Ethereal Luminary [MEL]anated Lion [Stem] Cell Clusters… BE Telepathically Transmittin’ Moor Sphinx Hieroglyphics [Ancestral Smoke Signals] to My Heavy Pyramid Cap Stone [Olmec = OgĂșn] Mental of Archangel [Sovereign] Michael Harrel’s Empirical Monarchy Pantheon [HEMP] Physics… 4 the inferior religious rainbow gov’ments bi-laws are powerless [spiritually dead]… as I turn a blind iEye to them and Mentally [Immaculately = Magically = EThereally = Spiritually] Create Moor Mari Juana™ [Mary Jane = Holy Mary = Holy Land = Mary’s Blackfoot Occult Land] by Unapologetically Invoking My Aboriginal Blackfoot [KUSHite] Mental Star Powers of Quantum Black Botanic Sciences… ‘cause I be from Her 9th Dimensional Ward [Secret Black Underworld Kingdomes] of New Atlantis [Quantum Blackfoot America = Double White House Illuminati™]… who gonna stop Me? ♀

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