Monday, August 10, 2015

Aboriginal Black EThnic People [ETheric Souls]

♀ My New Double Helix RNA [Sirius Doppelgänger] Strands of Aboriginal Genetic [Black Gnostic] Cell [Soul] Structures [EThnologic Molecules] from ALL Our Indigenous Blackfoot EThnic [BET] Metaphysical Beings of Mercurous Metals [Spiritual MELanin]… and Inner Earth’s 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Black Chrystomellos [Titanium Christ] Spiritual Blood [Dead Sea]… be Geometrically [Genetically] Architecturally [Astronomically] Inherently [Indigenously] & Alkhemically [Autocratically] = GAIA Engineered from Deep IN:side Our Metamorphosing Planetary Ball of Stress [Hibernating Black Mentals of Chaotic Polarity Energies]… they call “earth” ♀

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