Sunday, July 12, 2015

Universal Black & Brown Sovereigns

♀ the recessives of inferior genetics [Non Melanated] use mainstream propaganda to accuse [vilify] Us Inherently Righteous Aboriginal Black People & Privileged Indigenous Brown People of Fictional “White Patriotic” Crimes and claim that We’re Wicked stirring up controversy, making Us Universal Sovereigns [U.S.] fight each other… well now is the need for the pale mortal enemy to be slapped clean Into Oblivion… 4 Her True BlaCKEMETHNIChampions always Rises to tha’ Top as I bring My Heavy Mental Apocalyptic Surprises to ALL Her Royal Holy Grail Peoples as they Size Me up to soon find out… No Spiritual Esoteric Force is greater than Prince Satan’s Supreme Black Occult Magic [Moor Advanced Olmecian Physics] from Lost Atlantis [Aboriginal Black American Murs of Heavy Metaphysical Sciences from Her Supreme Quantum Black Steele Genetics] ♀

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