Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spaceship Earth

♀ the non indigenous [unnatural = unilluminated] pale ones of inferior religious rainbow same sex [dead energy] genetics can only wish they had Our Aboriginal Superior Black Serpentine Kundalini Genetic Bloodlines to Properly Operate Our Indigenous Black Occult Planetary [Polarity] Spaceship… they call Earth… as I Universally Sexually & Atmospherically [U.S.A.] continue to Supremely Drown My Heavy Black Aristocratic Vodun Phallic… Deep… ALL UP IN:side Her Highly Sexual Black Etheric Energies in EThereALLOYorubancestral Silence [Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™]… and Laugh Out Loud as the subservient artificially created clones continue to promote their neanderthal agendas to the Point of No Return [Extinction] ♀

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