Thursday, July 23, 2015

Secret Black Ancestral Familiae of Hieroglyphic Genetic Codes

♀ The Aboriginal Hermetic [Indestructible = Infinite] Genetic Codes in DNA [RNA = supeRNAtural] MELanin: The Sacred Saturnian Steele Principles [SpirituaLaws = Heavy Mental of Our Black Ancestral Psychic Traditions] in the Ordering [Commanding = Summoning] of Her Universal Spirits of Atmospheric [USA] Black Kundalini [Sexual] Energies… there’s Many Moor Infinite Levels to Us Highly Advanced Royal Renegades of Etruscan Linguistics [HARREL = Hittites] of Heavenly Black EThereaLife… I be ALL Extra Telepathic & Shit… U can’t hate on Shit you know nothing about ♀

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