Sunday, July 5, 2015

Indigenous Melanin vs. No Melanin [Clones]

♀ My Prehistoric [Pre Dynastic = Ancient] Black Albino Multi Die~mensional Reptilian Draconian Genetic RNA [supeRNAtural = Black EThereal] Doppelgänger Kundalini Bloodlines can Spiritually Aristocratically Transformationally Universally Ritualistically Nepotistically [SATURN] Exist… from One Planetary [Polarity] Dimension to the Next… without Interruption… Remember… We Metaphysical [MELanated = Meta Spiritual] Humans & the basic [non melanated = non spiritual] humans are Not ALL Created the same… No matter what mainstream [white] propaganda science [religious media] tell U… their inferior genetic [obsolete] species of dead rhesus monkey [polarity opposite] genetics can Only Mechanically exist in ONE low vibratory Polarity… they call the 3rd dimension [physical]… their low vibratory “ legalized” rainbow gender lovin’ genetics are Dying off… Permanently… as Our New Black Hole [Photon Belt] Occult Genetics 卍 and Her Inner Earth’s Soul~ar Radiation Force Fields 卍 are Supremely Advancing to a Much Higher Polarity [Planetary] Vibration [MA’ATlantis]… Uninterruptedly 卍 ♀

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