Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dark Skies of Black Telepathic Surveillance

♀ My Pre Dynastic Untouchable Black Panther Bloodlines belong to Her Spiritually Black Matriarchal Universal Sphinx Aristocratic [U.S.A.] Royal Familiae… Our Original Gnostic [O.G.] Genius Genetics can Not be Duplicated… Altered… or Destroyed by Any inferior religious politically correct rainbow gov’ments of artificial rhesus genetic intelligence… as they unsuccessfully attempt to monitor [control] Our Indigenous Black EThereal [BET] Cloud 9 whereabouts… while We Supremely Inconspicuously & Masterfully [SIM] monitor [sonically control] them Under Our 1st iEye [Dark Skies] of Heavy Black Olmec Surveillance from Inter Atlantis ♀

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