Thursday, July 2, 2015

Black Solar Phallic Energy

♀ She’s Artistically & Seductively different from the rest of y’all… She’s over dramatically creative… erotically & sinfully lovable… when she whispers in My Sonic Ear, I create this Addictive EThereaLiquefiable Drug [Black Solar Phallic Energy] to the remarkable & interesting things She Sensually Philosophizes about… She’s My Music [Muse]… She’s My Ancient Hieroglyphics… She’s My BlacKama Sutra… She’s My BlacKhemistry… She’s My Inner Sexual Physics… 4 Her Promiscuous Feminine Form Equilibrium is a Highly Complex & Remarkable Orgasmic Organ I can Penetrate just by Invokin’ Inner Earth’s Highly Illuminated Tropospheric Thoughts of Indigenous Telepathic Elemental [HITTITE] Forces… at any given moments notice ♀

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