Thursday, July 9, 2015

Black Masonic Order of Black Occult America

♀ U are now in the Presence of Her Immortal BlaCKEMETHNIChrist King Tut… wait, scratch that… U in the Royal Metaphysical Presence of Her New Original Black Occult God [Neter = Negus] of Atlantis… the neanderthal jesuit enemies tried to religiously & secretly keep My Supreme Black Esoteric Names [Prince Satan = archangEL MichaEL HarrEL = MELchizedek = Aiwass = Horus = Heru] down… but I always kept a smile when they wanted Me to frown, I kept My KUSHittite [KUSHite] Vibes High and stood on My Indigenous Washitaw Ground… always knowin’ they’d never take My Black Esoteric Crown… 4 My New Supreme Black Masonic Order of Sinful Erotic Sexual [MOSES] Hedonistic Carnaval Physics will be completely Brand New and not mimic anything We’ve done in tha’ past… Our Royal Golden BlaCKEMETHNIChrist Crown Chakra Empires will also be ALL New Psychic Planetary Energies of Heavy Mental Quantum Steele [Stellar] Physics 卍… Completely and Unavoidably Destructive to ALL non indigenous [artificially created] subhuman species of same sex rainbow genetics… who will no longer be able to use their deteriorating mainstream propaganda conglomerates to enforce Anymore of their xenophobic Bi-Laws against Any of Her Indigenous Black Holy Grail Bloodline Royals… without experiencing My Lethal [Legal] Atmospheric [Spiritual] 9/11 Retaliation Extinction Death [RED] Curses [Viruses] from Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Universal Sorcery [U.S.] Parliaments of Black Occult America [Atlantis]… have Prophetically Unapologetically Nationally & Telepathically [PUNT] Landed = Land of Punt ♀

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