Friday, July 10, 2015

Black Illuminati Gang Signs

♀ The Kemetic Age of Our Prophetic Black Apocalypse [Revelations] is Upon Us as I throw up My Indigenous Spiritual Black Illuminati Gang Signs to ALL Inferior pale patriarchal same sex rainbow gov’ment militias… and Supremely continue to Invoke [Summon] My Golden Black Blood & Crip… tic Phonetic Ancestral Spells on the pale serial killer species of cancerous & degenerative origins… and Unapologetically Disgrace them wit’ My Ghetto Style Washitaw Proverbs of 9/11 Retaliation Extinction Death [RED] Curses [Viruses] from Black Occult America [Atlantis]… due to their non indigenous [neanderthal] genetics | I Remind you, Do Not Test Me or Challenge My Spiritual Black Illuminati Cliques… 4 you have already Lost ♀

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