Saturday, July 4, 2015

Black Etruscan Archangel Michael

♀ I, ETruscan ArchangEL MichaEL HarrEL… be Her Aboriginal Black 1st iEye Occult Chrystomellos [Christ] Falcon… Celestially Surround by Our Infinite Matriarchal Ancestral Spiritual & Soulful [MASS] Entourage of Heavy Illuminated Horus [Heru] Eagles… Supremely Soarin’ Above Our Indigenous Black Atmospheric Tropospheric [BAT] Clouds… Aimed & Ready to Swoop Down wit’ an Extensive Arsenal of Powerful Killa’ Kemetic Kundalini [KKK] Instincts to Silently Assassinate Any and ALL inferior genetic enemies of MA’ATLantis… 4 Her Prophetic Black Apocalyptic Christ Child [Daemon] has Metaphysically Telepathically & Aristocratically Arrived from the Dark Skies of Lost Atlantis ♀

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