Monday, July 6, 2015

Black America's Secret Society Familiae

♀ The Book of the Master: or, The Egyptian Doctrine of the Light Born of the Virgin Mother | Her Black Esoteric SpirituaLaw of Natural Correspondence = As Above So Below = Tropospheric Sciences of Nature [Her] + Inner world [Underworld] Sciences of God [Her] = Her Indigenous Black Occult Magick [Moorish Ancestral Sorcery Sciences = MASS] = Very Advanced Universal Sorcerer of Atmospheric [U.S.A.] Physics = Black Akashic Mental of Omnipotent Matriarchal [MOM] Memories = Grand Unified Theorems of Her Feminine Principles [Supernatural Black Dot Equations] = Supreme Black Spiritual Knowledge of Atlantis = My Royal Black Aristocratic Radioactive [BAR] Code Genetics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: there are Infinite Master Levels to this Supreme Black God Shit [Black Astronomical Sexual Sciences = BASS]… 4 this is My Black Egyptian Illuminati [Secret Kemetian Society = Prehistoric Black Freemasonic] Familiae of Lost Atlantis… is it not Written, Ye are Black Extra Telepathic [B.E.T.] Gods? ♀

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