Monday, July 27, 2015

Aryan Indians = Blackfoot Moors

♀ Our Universal Spiritual Aristocrat [USA] Prehistoric = Predynastic [Jurassic] = Aboriginal Black People Gnostic Bloodlines = Very High Vibrating Black EThereal Soul~ar Energy Beings of Sirius Quantum MELanin = Black Extra Telepathic MOORomans = Black ETruscans = Blackfoot Ionians [Aryan Indians]… had no use for written histories or oral languages… ‘cause We have 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Mercurous Metallurgic Metals = Sirius Black Quantum Steele MELanin from New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America = Black Dot] ♀

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