Saturday, July 18, 2015

Aboriginal Washitaw KUSHite Bloodlines = Black Aryan Natives

♀ as I Demystify My Ancient BlacKUSHite [Hittite] Bloodlines from Her Aboriginal Black Washitaw Cherokee Ionians [HarrEL Aryan Indians = BlacKUSHites] of New Atlantis… I Flick My New Ancient Black ELectromagneticonnection [Soul~ar Flare] Light Energy [Lighter] to Spiritually Burn Mother’s Finest Black Hittite ELectromagneticKUSH Signals… and ELectromagnetically Fly wit' ALL My Black ELectromagnetic Christ Crystallized Cell Structures of Heavenly Saturnian Metals [Black Metallic MELanin = Infinite Mental Euphoria] ♀

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