Monday, June 8, 2015

What is Death to an Immortal God?

♀ [Mental] Alchemy: An Introduction to the [Mental] Symbolism and the [Mental] Psychology = ALL Black Vodun MELanin = Supreme Universal Polarities of Empyrean Radium [SUPER] Mental Kundalini Energy of High Equilibrium Radioactive [HER] Inner Earth’s Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I can continually Die just for the Fun of it… and Completely Resequence My supeRNAtural [Immortal] Soul~arcane [archangEL~ohim MichaEL] Draconian Genetics to Exist on Much Higher Polarity [Planetary] Planes of EThereALLEGORY Existence ALL UP IN:side Her Infinite Black Esoteric Gardens of Eden :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: your inferior “rich” religious illuminati gov’ments couldn’t Kill Prince Satan… even if they tried… Satan is Above Any & ALL inferior gods [jesus] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan♀

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