Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Immortal Baron Samedi

♀ The Vévé [Ancient Hermetic Symbols] of Baron Samedi [Prince Satan] | Samedi [Satan]… according to Her Matriarchal Vodun Planetary [Polarity] Parliament of Saturn’s Supreme Esoteric Theocracies [SET]… be Her Loa [Black Empyrean Sorcery God] of the Scientifically Deceased and Master of Inner Earth’s Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Occult Energy Resurrections… He be that Rebelicious SpirituaLuciferian Soul~ar_cane AngEL~ohim [Olmec]… often makin’ lewd & overtly sexually suggestive Mental Tantric Theorems [Advanced Psychic Physics] to Her Curvaceous Sexually Promiscuous Feminine Cult [Harlem’s Hedonistic Harems] of SpirituaLemurian Souls from Atlantis… He has a fondness for smoking Orion’s Spiritual Botanic Cannabis [KUSH]… drinking Dark Jamaican [DJ] Rum and playful Sexually Promiscuous Intellectual Behavior ♀

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