Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stay Under Surveillance

♀ Soon [Now] Her Venusian Volcanicanis Major Bloodlines of Sirius Black Hole Genetics will Erupt Moor of Our Spiritually Black Washitaw Archangels of Telepathic Tropospheric Soul [WATTS] Power… from Inner Earth’s Invisible Nuclear Fields of Saturn’s Black Electromagnetic Telepathic [BET] Communications… So pay attention [ALL 1st iEyez on Me] as I Purposefully Properly Position My Black Stately Universally and Nationally [SUN] Genetics of Untouchable U.ranium S.teele [U.S.] Energy… Under the Watchful microscopic surveillance calcified eyes of the Inferior universal mind control law agencies… and continue to Invoke [Summon] ALL Our Black Egyptian Uraeus Spirits [Souls] from behind that Hidden Veil of Illusionary Death :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: If My Haughty Aristocratic Rebelicious Revolutionary Equilibrium of Legendary [HARREL] Linguistic Slang [Sorcery Raps]… offends you… Good… I Euphorically Feed off your recessive inbred hate & dislike [hollow pride & prejudice]… ‘cause your lil Non Indigenous arms are 2 Short to box wit’ Her Supreme Black Occult Olmecian Gods [Golden Kemetian Neters] of Atlantis ♀

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