Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Physical Deceased Ancestors of Black Steele Alloy Spirits

♀ Deep IN:side My Inter Planetary [Polarity] Doppelgänger Body... My Physically Deceased [Spiritually Living = Immortal] Ancestor’s Heavy Steele Alloyspirits of Transferable Universal Radioactive Nuclei [SATURN] Luciferian [Lucia] Energies and ELectromagnetic Hydrocarbon Ancestral Akashic Remnants of Plutonium [HAARP] Cloud 9 MELanin… be Telepathically Transmittin’ Sonic Bionicommunication Signals to My Illuminated [Advanced] Black Microscopic Intelligence [BMI] SunStar [Soul] of Pre Dynastic [Pre Physical] Origins… from Lost Atlantis ♀

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