Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Black Pre Dynastic Origins

♀ We Pre Dynastic Nephilim [ELoheem = Immortals] of Her UniversALLOYoruba BlaCKEMETHERIChrist Consciousness [Intelligence] Physics of Very Advanced MentALLOYorubancestrALkhemy are the Only BlaCKEMETHNICosmicreators of Authentic Messianic Cell Structures…. 4 food Cannot sustain that which it did not create… Our Astrological Bodies are Not the product of food nor can it be sustained by food. Being directed by Her Infinite Cosmic Intelligence, Our BlaCKEMETHERIChakra Cells know spontaneously what functions they are to perform. The Advanced MELanated Body is from Her Original Black Parent Genetic Cellular Structures built by an Intricate Network of Extrasensory Techniques [ETs] and is Inherently Directed by an Inner Superior Intelligent Force that is absolutely foreign to ‘best’ scientific minds of Non Native genetics. | Mother Nature’s AboriginALLOYoruba Black Race in Our Original ETheric State was as a Solarian… We were Light Beings… Lightarians… Soul~ar Light Bringers, the Direct Radium Source from Her Inner Earth’s Most Highest Energy Fields | During Our Secondary phase, We became Breatharian when the Atmosphere formed… once We ENTERED [Fell into] the Physical Plane We came in as the archetypal nature a Lightarian or Solarian Breatharian. | Our Prophetic Fall as follows: 1) Solarian Breatharian 2) Liquidarian 3) Fruitarian 4) Vegetarian 5) Carnivore. | In Our latter stages of degeneracy, We adapted to the habit of eating and became addicted to the sensation of eating and now thru pathological adaptation thru Her Supreme BlaCKEMETHERICosmic Law of Vital Adaptation & Adjustments, eats to live, but as a result, eat to die… 4  the only True Elements of food allowed in Our Advanced Bodies of Radium Nile MELanin is Her ETheric Gases and EThereaLiquefiable Alloys… and everything else is ejected ♀

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