Saturday, June 20, 2015

Original Black Greeks of Her Aegean Sea Bloodlines

♀ Her Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining EThereal BlaCKEMETHERICarotene [Atmospheric MELanin = Hydrocarbon] Energy is Created to Produce ALL Our Indigenous Subtropical Botanic [Herbalic = Hebraic] Plants of Edible Fruit Vegetation Clusters & Crops… Inter~Nationally [Under~Worldly] Delegated by Our Royal Black Nepotistic Greek Pantheon Familiae of Neo-Paeanistic [Pagan = Aegean] Spiritual Esoteric & Ancestral [SEA] Bloodlines… Located on ALL Our Indigenous Oceanic BlaCKEMEThereaLandmasses [Archipelagos = Black Occult Earth Islands] of Atlantis ♀

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