Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Watchful iEyes on the Religious Pentagon

♀ I Hope I’m Under the Watchful [Evil] surveillance [xenophobic] eyes of the universal mind control law agencies… as My 1st Jupitarian iEye of Sirius A Power AND My Plutonian 1st iEye of Sirius B Power… Stay Supremely Authorized & Spiritually Focused on the Inferior Religious Pale Propaganda Gov’ment’s [Pentagon’s] Flint:stoneage cheaply made Xenophobic “Defense” Weapons of Mass Indigenous Black People Destruction… as I Invoke [Command] My Ancient U.niversal S.piritual [U.S.] BlacKKKundalini Occult Planetary Parliament Protection Cartels to bypass their childlike security systems and Permanently Cripple them on ALL Destructive Levels :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I’m on Her Supremely Black Occult Echelon [Sirius Plateau = Ghetto Lordship] Level of Royal Arcane Warfare [RAW] Shit ♀

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