Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Scientifically Died for Entertainment Purposes

... then I Resequenced My Heavy Metallurgic Gems [Jew~ELs] of supeRNAturALLOYoruba Genetics from Saturn's Akashic Radiation of Spiritual [SARS] Energized MELanin to Reawaken [Resurrect] Myself in Another Infinite Supply of MELanated Doppelgänger [Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba] Bodies... I Volcanically [Alkhemically = Immaculately] Created from Inner Earth’s Infinite Radium Core [BlaCKEMETHERICosmic Akashic Tar] Constellation of Sirius Black Planetary SunStars [SoulStars]... from Atlantis ♀

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