Sunday, June 21, 2015

Holo~caust of Fabricated Lies

♀ the Non Indigenous religious political gov’ments of jesus [pale clone america] urges Holy~wood Television & Media Conglomerates… the most powerful american mainstream television Propaganda Corporations [imposter pale “jews" of Holo~caust Fabrication Mafias]… to create an endless stream of media distraction news stories to Hide… all their serious religious political war crimes [Corruption]… and illicit drug business dealings [Lies]… etc… against Inner Earth’s Aboriginal Spiritually Black Heirs to Their Golden Black Occult Landmass Kingdoms of Lost Atlantis… the mainstream media’s network paid reporters [cloned actors] are then responsible for changing the Unsuspecting National & International Public’s behavioral & mental images of the corrupt religious politically corrected gov’ments… with the Marketing Objective [Goal] of creatively painting pale clone america as the most democratic [corrupt] continent on the planet :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I warned U… My Black Satanic [Saturnic] Venomous Vodun Tongue is laced wit’ Extra Poisonous Truths that are Highly Lethal [Deadly] to Any & ALL Imposters of MA’ATlantis… as My ALL Seein’ Supreme 1st iEye of Black Illuminated Truths continue to Rebeliciously & Esoterically Slay you inferior mortals of dead animal genetics… iEye See you before you see Me… and not even your inferior flint~stoneage surveillance machinery [toys] can Compete wit’ Her Inner Earth’s U.niversal S.piritual [U.S.] BlacKKKundalini Occult Planetary Parliament Protection Cartels of Undetectable Radioactive Ancestral Soul Energy Power 卍 :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Welcome to Prince Satan’s Ratchet Ghetto Communications & Commandments [New Underworld Occult Order] from Atlantis… and if you’re just now reading this… it’s already too late ♀

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